How To Use A Pendulum

In divination, pendulums and boards are the perfect scrying tools to ask questions and get in touch with your intuition! Just like any crystal, it is important to cleanse your pendulum regularly, This can be done by using sage or incense smoke.

Remember to always use your pendulum with positive intentions!

" Where Intention Goes, Energy Flows"  

How To Use A Pendulum
Hold your pendulum in whichever hand feels the most comfortable. Using your thumb and index finger, hold the pendulum by the top of the chain.
Relax tension from your body, close your eyes for a moment, 
breathe deeply and clear your mind….
You need to connect with the energy and find the “yes” and “no” responses for your pendulum. To do this hold the chain and place the palm of your opposite hand underneath the crystal point of the pendulum, make sure its not touching your palm, just hovering slightly above.
Steady the pendulum so it isn't spinning too much and say in your mind;
“Show me a yes”…. the pendulum will start to spin one direction.
This is your yes response, acknowledge the energy and say  “ Thank you, you can stop’, the pendulum will start to steady.

Once its steady, you will now ask it, " Show me a no"
The pendulum should start to move in the opposite direction it did for the yes response. Once you have your no response say “ Thank you, you can stop” again the pendulum will start to steady
Do this a few times, it can take some practice for your energy and the pendulum to connect.  If your pendulum swings between yes and no, it means to ask another question, rephrase your previous question or it could mean that now is not the time for that question to be answered.
Using a pendulum takes practice, don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get it straight away. Keep working with the pendulums energy!