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Inspired by a deep love for magic & crystal vibes!

 Established in 2014, Gitana Crystals was one of Australia’s first online Crystal & New Age stores. As featured in Yoga Journal, Wellbeing Magazine & Women's Health Magazine, we have been a trusted online source for quality crystals, gemstones, gem candles, tarot cards, spell kits and more by customers from over 120 countries!

After receiving my first crystal at the age of 4, and being the daughter of an integrative wellness practitioner, my love for alternative healing and medicine started at a young age. 

I followed my passion & completed studies as a Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer & Yoga Teacher, incorporating crystals in my treatments for over 10 years. I always struggled to find crystals in Australia for my patients and found myself having to purchase from International sellers which came at a hefty price, and often just thrown in a cardboard box. After completing my Diploma in Crystal Healing I set out on the journey to provide beautiful quality crystals at affordable prices to the Australian market.

I opened our Etsy store in 2014 alongside my healing treatments, and in 2018 my little shop was not so little anymore! It had outgrown Etsy and I decided to trust in the universe and follow my heart, devoting all of my energy to our own online crystal boutique!  

Thank you hubby for allowing me to follow my dream and for taking over the household responsibilities while I work most nights, chat to suppliers in Brazil at 2am and constantly asking you to build more shelves in our ever expanding crystal sanctuary! X 

Our collections are sourced from around the world, chosen for their sacred beauty, unique history & good vibes! 

Mindful when mining! Crystals should be respected and how they are mined impacts their energy. I am so grateful to have a strong connection to each of our crystal suppliers, many of them run small family businesses and share our love for these amazing minerals! All our crystals & minerals are purchased fair trade. 

A lot of time and energy is put into sourcing the highest quality pieces for you all. We believe that the magic of buying crystals shouldn't end at the checkout. Each and every order is beautifully packed with the utmost love & respect by our female powerhouse team in our studio located at the foothills of the Gold Coast hinterland! 

This little shop is my heart and soul and I am so grateful to each and every one of you for your support and trust.


All our crystals are cleansed prior to shipping, ready for their new home! 

We hope you enjoy the magic!

Phone: 0488 825 874

QLD, Australia 4211

*Please note we are an online store only.

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