Black Tourmaline

Chakra: Base
Astrological Sign: Libra
Element: Earth

Black Tourmaline is considered one of the most potent of all gemstones. It does double duty. It works both as a Healing gemstone and as a cleansing gemstone. Black Tourmaline is a stone of protection against negative influences. It increases the wearer's energy level, encourages mental balance, and promotes psychic prowess. 

Black Tourmaline is known to enable the owner to become more creative and grounded, by working with the Root Chakra. It is a special stone with Native Americans for it's ability to protect against spells. It can be used to relieve lower back pain, arthritis, anxiety, and to stimulate the adrenals. A major gemstone of the 1st Chakra, Black Tourmaline is one of the most potent gemstones for dispelling negativity and depression while at the same time providing powerful protection. It helps those full of feelings of doom and fear. 

Black Tourmaline is also said to repel negative energy. It is helpful to persons in the sphere of/or being victimized by a person with strong negative energy. Black Tourmaline is helpful to those feeling depressed, sad and fearful. Also beneficial for constipation, lower back pain, reproductive issues, and insomnia.