Blue Obsidian

Chakra: Throat
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Element: Water

Aqua Blue Obsidian, also known as a form of Aqua Aura, has a wonderful, dreamy, expansive energy. Its a great stone to work with if you’re beginning to explore your own spiritual ability, or are even developing a long-term gift. It has a strong connection to water.

Blue Obsidian has a way of clearing the mind of mental clutter, slowing our thought processes down so we take one thing at a time and do it well (instead of 10 things at once and we’re all over the place!). 

Aqua Blue Obsidian cannot be used for evil. This is the protection stone for sensitive or psychic people. It provides a great defense against negative psychic energy and also gives one a general sense of calm and well being. It acts as a protector during traveling, it is great for directional knowledge as well. Obsidian in general is a protective stone and boosts intuition and insight, and improves psychic communication. 

Aqua Blue Obsidian, as well as having the general properties of Obsidian, stimulates the throat chakra. It aids communication, so we can clear our head, receive intuitive information and then clearly communicate. Blue Obsidian can be used in any spiritual pursuits such as tarot reading, scrying, astral travel, journeying etc. It is gentle and supportive rather than blasting us too fast or in a way we may feel we’re not in control.

It will help you speak from your heart and see the truth. Keep this near you to bring mental clarity and balance in your life. Also, this is a great stone to hold during meditation. It will help block negativity in your life