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Sweet Dreams Mist | Rose Quartz & Lepidolite

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A beautiful earthy blend of our most loved essential oils to promote a sound sleep. The calming and soothing qualities of these pure essential oils will allow you to drift off into a peaceful slumber. It helps you to unwind and switch off after a busy day and calms the many thoughts racing in your mind.
This blend is also perfect for your little dreamers who's bedtime can be a struggle and they can't wind down at night.

Infused with Rose Quartz & Lepidolite crystals for a little extra oomph! A blend of Lavender, Clary Sage, Mandarin & Chamomile Essential Oils with a dash of  Flower Essences, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt and pure spring water! 
This blend can be used as a room spray, aura clearer or to charge & amplify your crystals.

 for the home: spritz around the home, to calm an restore the energy of the room. Spray in your/or your child's room before bed.

for you: close your eyes and lightly spritz around yourself, take a moment to inhale the calming magic of this blend. Use throughout the day when feeling stressed or as a pillow mist before bed.
crystal cleanse: spritz on and around your crystal collection and jewellery to charge, clear and amplify the energy!
Keep under 30 degrees~ 250ml recyclable PET black bottle. 
Shake Well Before Use.
Made fresh upon ordering.
Best Used Within 6 months.
Made with love and good vibes!

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