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Moon Intentions Mist | Moonstone & Aquamarine

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Our sacred Moon blends are created during each New Moon. Each one holds beautiful lunar energy and the magic of Moonstone allowing you to harness the moons full power. This blend is perfect for your moon Intentions and manifesting!
The New Moon is all about new beginnings and asking for what you want to manifest! Use this mist when setting your intentions, it is a beautiful and grounding blend that clears your space of any negative energy and opens it up for what your are asking to come in.

 The Full Moon is all about closure & releasing what no longer works for you. It is the time to reflect on those intentions you set 2 weeks ago and release what no longer resonates with you, use your mist to clear any built up energies and remove whatever is interfering with aligning you with your intention.


Our sacred Moon blends combine Moonstone & Aquamarine crystal elixir with soft feminine notes of Orange Blossom, Lavender, Frankincense, Palo Santo & Vanilla essential oils, with a dash of Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, Flower Essences & pure spring water. Moonstone Crystals are added to mist to keep the vibes high! 

Mist around your aura, close your eyes and take in its beautiful fragrance. Perfect to use when setting your moon Intentions!
This delicious spray can also be used to charge & amplify your crystals! 
By clearing and enhancing energy you can transform your home and space into a sanctuary that radiates good vibes! 
Keep under 30 degrees~ 250ml recyclable PET black bottle.
* For external use only. Not to be taken. 
Shake Well Before Use.
Made with love and good vibes!

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