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Fuchsite Tumbles

$5.00 $7.00

These stones hold a sparkling radiant energy! Known as the fairy crystal,  Fuchsite stone stands out in the gem world with its green sparkly flecks that resemble fairy dust, hold it to the light to reveals its true radiance!

The angelic spirit of Fuchsite whispers encouragement whenever clouds appear and always guarding our sensitive souls from the danger of toxic psychic and energetic attack.

A strong heart chakra vibration, this stone can help you receive divine guidance about issues that have been playing on your mind. It works as a good luck charm that keeps the hope in your heart burning long and bright.

Call on Fuchsite to help give you the strength and inspiration needed to follow your wildest dreams! And it’s super sparkly!

Size 30-35mm


** Listing is for 1 tumbled stone intuitively selected for you. Each piece is unique & one of a kind and has been cleansed with sage