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Black Iron Cauldron ~ Small

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Traditional small style cauldron with raised Pentagram design. Each one is crafted of authentic cast iron and makes a wonderful addition to your altar, perfect for burning herbs!!  cauldron's small but powerful presence is a magical tool that combines the elements of air, earth, fire, water.

  Its shape is representative of Mother Nature, and the three legs upon which it stands correspond to the three aspects of the Triple Goddess, the three lunar phases (waxing, full, and waning), and to three as a magical number~ Additionally, the cauldron is a symbol of transformation (physical and spiritual), enlightenment and wisdom.

  Also practical idea - it is great sitting on the counter holding keys or shopping lists!

Cauldron includes lid and carrying handle.

 Made specifically for use in preparation of rituals and spells; not to be used for cooking. Each cauldron is handmade and created in India from iron.

Height: 10cm

Diameter: 5-6cm