Chakra: Throat, Heart
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Element: Water

With an energy like taking a deep breath, this stone helps us to speak our personal truth. A stone of harmony, ammonite is a truth-teller and peacemaker, A soothing and calming stone, it aids us in releasing worries and fears so that we may communicate from the heart and break through our boundaries. Bringing clarity of thought, it helps us to deal with chaos and find a place of centred harmony. Amazonite may improve self worth of those who wear it. Users say that they have more confidence when they wear this stone. 

 From a health point of view, amazonite is thought beneficial for the throat and bronchi.. Amazonite also helps to soothe the brain and nervous system. Helps filter information combine with natural intuition. Enhances masculine qualities and creativity. 

The Amazonite is a good crystal for artists Amazonite is believed to bestow truth, honour and integrity to its wearer. It enhances love, sooth emotions and tense, aggravated situations.