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Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

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* As featured in Wellbeing Magazine ~ Yoga Experience

Invigorating blend of organic essential oils handmade by a yoga teacher (me!). After your practice, just spritz your mat and wipe it with a dry cloth. The calming aroma of lavender and jasmine will last for the next time you unroll your mat....sweet savasana!Blend comes in a 125ml dark bottle.

INGREDIENTS:Lavender, Jasmine, Maleluca, Gitana Citrus Infusion Blend, Dash of witch hazel to preserve.

TO USE: Shake Well, Mist lightly over yoga mat and wipe with a dry cloth.

This blend doubles as a Energy Clearing Spray. By clearing and enhancing energy you can transform your home and space into a sanctuary that radiates positive energy in ever-expanding circles. I use this in my house, car, studio, everywhere!! It is quick, easy and it smells delicious too :)