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Spell Candle | Violet


We only have available

✧ “Candle bright, burning fire
keep within you my desire.. Now listen to the words I speak and clear a path to what I seek”𖥸

For some extra oomph, use your candle when setting your intentions. All colour holds symbolic power, using a specific colour candle during your intention setting and manifesting rituals can help you to call in the energy that you desire.

Candle Colour Magick

Power | Intuition | Wisdom

How To:

 With any ritual, it’s important that your intentions are strong and clear. Before lighting your candle hold it in your hands and visualize your goal.   

  Spell candles are meant to be burned continuously, so try and time your rituals well! 

 Always place candles on a flat, non-flammable surface where they won’t be disturbed, but close enough to keep an eye on the burning flame. Our spell candle holders will hold the candle safely in place.

Holding your intention in your mind, light your spell candle and let the magick begin! You may like to take this time to journal, meditate, do a tarot spread  or anything that makes your soul happy ♡

If you need to leave, just snuff out the flame with a tool or your fingers (IMPORTANT: do not BLOW the candle out, as it will blow away your intention). simply relight the candle when you return.

always practice fire safety when working with candles. Never leave a burning flame unattended.⁣⁠

Listing includes 1x Spell Candle

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