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Red Dragon’s Eye Tumbles


Dragons Eye will strike a balance between the light and dark aspects of yourself, your Yin and Yang, your mind and heart, and your earthly and spiritual aspects.

Also known as Red Tigers Eye, this stone will enhance your gift of psychic visions, and it will give you spiritual clarity. It will also promote balance in your etheric fields!

This powerful stone has a strong grounding energy that will make sure your physical body is connected to the earth. Dragons Eye is a very stimulating stone that will give you inspiration and motivation in all aspects of your life.

It’s highly calm and will keep you relaxed and centered even if you lead a very busy or chaotic life.

Size: 30-35mm

Origin: South Africa

** Listing is for 1 tumbled stone intuitively selected for you. Each piece is unique & one of a kind and has been cleansed with sage