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The Spirit Animal Oracle

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Welcome to the world of the Spirit Animal Oracle! Nature is the long-lost instrument of divine communication and expression that has been hidden in plain sight since time began. The world around us is rich with Soul; every animal has a transcendent archetypal symbolism, a universal meaning holding a message of deep, enduring truth.

This enchanting deck opens a gateway to Spirit through the archetypal energies of the living beings that share our planet.

Animals are allies for our souls and act as our teachers and sacred healers-but our disconnected way of life has often blinded us to this truth. Now, however, our world is poised for a shift as we begin to hear a call to renew our sacred connection to all that is.

The 68 cards in this deck are tools to enable our transformation. Every animal has the potential to deliver a special message aligned with your authentic need, arriving at just the right time and place. Each carries a transcendent archetypal symbolism and offers a message of enduring truth to help you act in a way that brings magic to your life. Every card in the deck has an essential meaning along with a detailed Oracle Message and a helpful Protection Message.

 Canary Spirit, Dragonfly Spirit, even Electric Eel Spirit-all have essential wisdom to impart, if you’re ready to listen......Something magical is stirring in the heart of our beautiful planet these days! 

 Each set comes in our Sari Bag for safe keeping