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Singing Bowl ~ Base Chakra

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  The Root chakra relates to basic survival instincts, and is the foundation for the whole chakra system. When this chakra is in harmony, it brings a balance of stability and flexibility to our life. This chakra is also related to the grounding of a person - the force which keeps us firmly connected with ground realities, and also build strong foundations on which to base our life.

The harmonic and meditative tones produced by this singing bowl's vibrations has a beautiful balacing and centering effect on the chakras, especially the sacral chakra.

Singing bowls vibrate to produce a deep, rich tone when played by gently striking the bowls then rubbing the accompanying mallet in a circular motion against the bowl's outer rim. Vibrations can produce beneficial changes in the body including reduction in stress by ​harmonizing the cells, and balancing the body's energy system.

All singing bowls can be used to help shift, restore and cleanse stagnant energy. They are great for clearing energy from crystals and can be used in the home to create a clear, calm and peaceful environment. 

Size: 12cm D X 6cm H