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Rainbow Fluorite Generator

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The stone of clarity.. It brings a wiser, more balanced view of life and improves decision making. Fluorite is a powerful Wind element stone utilizing the power of thought, focus and concentration, making it ideal for meditation. It is a stone that helps reveal your life purpose and opens a path for your future that is in full alignment with your calling and with what’s deep in your heart.
Fluorite allows us to let go of everything that doesnt serve us. We can forget about all the worries and stand and enjoy the surroundings. It reminds us that we can always begin again. We hold the key to our own life. 
It balances all 7 chakras, especially the third eye and crown chakra. it carries the power of Fire related to Passion, Courage, Lust, Creativity. 
All photos are taken in natural sunlight to show the layers and depth of colour.
Height: 9cm
Width: 4cm

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