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Pink Mangano Calcite Tumbled Stone

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A gentle but powerful stone of peace and well-being. By enhancing the flow of energy from the Crown Chakra down into the Heart. It can be very calming when held in the hand during meditation or energy work and is an excellent stone during moments of anxiety and stress. 

Clearing the chakras  and enhancing the flow of energy Pink Calcite can help clear the emotional center of stagnant or negative energies, making room for new experiences of Divine Love.

Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. The purifying energy of Calcite cleans out stored negative energy from a room, body, etc.  Use Calcite to clear out old energy patterns and to increase personal motivation and drive.  Calcite is also a good choice for distance healing work, because it amplifies the energy being sent.


Size: 20-30mm

*Listing is for 1 stone, intuitively picked for you. The picture is to show the quality & approximate sizing. Please note that all stones are unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations.