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Orthoceras Trinket Bowl

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Beautiful pieces of nature Formed inside Mother Earth, over the course of millions of years!! These fossils have been carved and polished into bowls to display on your coffee table, shelf, windowsill,  - a perfect place to stash your favorited little treasures and trinkets!
They also make amazing bowls for using with your smudge/Palo Santo sticks and incense. These bowls feature the fossils of ancient extinct marine life, such as Orthoceras (the ancestor to the squid), that lived over 430 million years ago. Buried deep in the oceans floor, the shells of the ancient creatures are slowly transformed over the ages into the stone we are left with today.
Because of the transformation that the fossil underwent, they serve as inspiration for those that wish to change and as a reminder that we can be reborn every day in the light that follows the darkness.
Size: Width 10-11cm
Each bowl is unique in its fossil formations, patterns and depths of colour.

Care Instructions:
Wash by hand. Use a damp or dry cloth to wash and/or dust.