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Mahogany Obsidian | Palm Stone

$8.00 $12.00

Also known as Mountain Mahogany, this gem carries strong grounding energy. It can help protect you against psychic attack or from taking on the emotional energy of others.

It helps you feel safe, protected, welcome, and secure in your life. It reminds you of your inner strength and your latent fire. 

The deeper magic of mahogany obsidian is its ability to provide strength in times of need. It supports the warrior and warrioress heading into battle...it allows the bearer to face life’s struggles and challenges with strength and courage!

also, it’s darn beautiful! 

Size: 4-5cm 

** Listing is for 1 mahogany obsidian palm stone intuitively selected for you. Each piece is unique & one of a kind and has been cleansed with sage