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Crystal Grid ~ Wooden Grid + Gems

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Our wooden engraved grids have been designed for you to create your own magic!

1: Choose your preferred Wooden Grid Design

2: Select your crystal generator (centre stone) from the list below.

3: Your choice of any twelve (12) outer stones from the list below. 

Mix or match! its entirely up to you!

 All grids come in a Sari bag and include a little info about the crystal grid and how to use it.

Crystal Grids are an incredibly powerful way to manifest your goals and dreams. The power of the grid is created by the beautiful combination of crystal energy, sacred geometry and your intentions. In simple terms, a crystal grid is an arrangement of carefully selected crystals combined with your intention to manifest a desired result.

* All Grids are natural wood. Please allow for slight wood grain variations.


Generator (center crystal) Choices (4-6cm)




Black Tourmaline (SOLD OUT)

Clear Quartz

Citrine (SOLD OUT)

Chevron Amethyst

Lapis Lazuli

Pink Tourmaline Quartz

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Moonstone

Rose Quartz

Smokey Quartz


Raw Sodalite



Tumbled Stones Choices (18-24mm)


Aventurine Green 

Clear Quartz

Citrine (NEW!)



Garnet (SOLD OUT)

Green Fluorite 


Rose Quartz

Red Jasper (NEW!)

Smokey Quartz