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Song Of India ~ Solid Perfume | Rose

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Natural Solid Fragrance blended with the most precious essential oils and set in a hand carved soapstone jar.

The essential oil of the beautiful rose has for centuries been the preferred fragrance of lovers. The sweet smell of the Damascene rose is known for its aphrodisiac qualities and has been used to promote love, tenderness and passion. Bathe your body in the same essential oil that was the first choice of Mughal Queens to entice the attention of the emperor. Feel like a queen yourself when you use this enchanting blend!

This solid soapstone perfume when rubbed on to the skin, lasts for a long time and releases its fragrances slowly and continuously through the day. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. 

 Each jar is carved from natural soapstone and varies in colour. All jars are beautiful and unique. 

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