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A Little Bit of Buddha


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I found this guide to be so interesting and inspiring! A very beautiful read.
An introduction to Buddhist thought...At its heart, Buddhism blossoms from one source: the words and life of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha.
Buddhism is a philosophy, not a religion, and billions of people model their way of life on the peaceful and compassionate teachings of the Buddha. He is not worships as a god, but rather respected as an everyday human being who rediscovered a way of life that led to the end of his suffering and confusion about apparent tragedy of the world. Buddhas words and teachings continue to influence society in positive ways by encouraging us all to develop happiness and peace from within.
A little bit of Buddha is a wonderful introduction to the life and ways of one of the most unique teachings and how it can yield personal growth in the modern world. Because every journey is unique....
Stunning hardcover with a metallic foil print, these books are Devine