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Cobalt Blue + Rainbow Aura Quartz Tumble Stone

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This is a Titanium Cobalt Blue Rainbow Quartz, it is natural quartz that has been heat infused with rare metals that bond richly & deeply with the quartz; resulting in coloring that can neither be scraped nor scratched off. delight your mind as the colors shimmer and change as the crystals are moved in the light. Quite striking. Blue on one side with some rainbow tones on the other!

Titanium Cobalt Blue Quartz is very energizing on all levels, and can awaken all seven chakras, especially the throat chakra. It is said to increase zest and enjoyment of life The rich hues of colors in this quartz are alive, dancing energy, ready to enliven your life, and add sparkle and magic to your day.

Listing is for 1 Cobalt Blue Aura Tumbled Stone (20-30mm)
*Listing is for 1 stone, intuitively picked for you. The picture is to show the quality & approximate sizing. Please note that all stones are unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations.