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Arfvedsonite Point

$25.00 $30.00

Arfvedsonite is a gemstone that helps you to see the light within yourself. It assists with balancing the mind Instead of running wild with a thousand ideas, it helps to organise your thoughts into manageable goals!

This gems mix of black, brown & silver tones are enchanting. The striations in the stone appear like feathers and illuminates with flashes of blue iridescence when turned in the light.

Known for its power as a manifestation stone, use Arfvedsonite to tap into your intuition and help understand what steps you need to take to turn your dreams into reality.

Arfvedsonite is a highly active gemstone that invigorates you from deep within the soul. It encourages you to reach higher levels of success in life and will support you with positive energy from every angle.

This powerful gem is a great protector and helps to remove any negative energy!

Height: 8-10cm

Width: 2-2.3cm

** Listing is for 1 Arfvedsonite Point, intuitively selected for you. Each piece is unique & one of a kind and has been cleansed with sage