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Amethyst Cave ~ 15.6kg Feature Piece

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Beautiful Amethyst Cave from Brazil. This piece is divine! It features Rose Quartz inclusions along the bottom edges of the geode. 

Amethyst connects us with our source & promotes divine love. It accelerates the development of intuitive & psychic abilities. It Strengthens and links the access to our own inner wisdom and tansforms our dreams into reality.  Balances and opens the third eye and crown chakras.

Amethyst embodies the red-violet ray that connects both time and color, of beginnings and endings, as the old year wanes and the new is about to arrive. It tempers the fiery red ray with the intuition of the violet ray, bringing passion and imagination, emotion and logic. It stimulates creativity and helps us peer into our souls. It is the ray of self-esteem and self-knowledge.   

* all photos are taken in sunlight to capture their layers and depth of colours. 

weight: 15.62kg

height: 33cm

Base width: 25cm