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Seer Stone | Clear Quartz

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Seer Stones, also known as Windows or Dreamer Crystals, hold a gentle soothing energy that draws you into its power of scrying and divination work.

Naturally tumbled in the Ema river in Brazil, each Seer Stone possesses a beautiful frosty white exterior surface. The stone is cut about 1/3 of the way across and then polished to reveal it's window. 

Seer stones have been used throughout history as an aid to scrying. Its said that once opened, a seer stone can help you to envision your future or gain insight into your present circumstances.  
Seer Stones can also be programmed to take you back to a specific place in time and even access knowledge from past lives. They resonate and activate the Third Eye chakra and are used to align all of the chakras. 
Gaze and journey into the past, present and future unlocking the secrets to your soul! Wonderful healing stones and a super cool piece to add to your crystal collection. 
-  S T O N E    D E T A I L S  -
Size: 25-35mm

There is something sacred & mysteriously powerful about a crystal that chooses you! 

Listing is for 1 seer stone intuitively selected for you. Made from natural stone, each piece is beautifully unique & holds its own magic so there will be slight variations. All crystals have been cleansed with sage. 


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