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Divine Hamsa ~ Black Obsidian

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A pure glossy black colour, Obsidian is a fire stone, born of the volcano. Used to create tools and weapons by many primitive people, it lets us slice to the core of a matter and to release and ground negativity. It is a powerful stone of protection. and grounds the root chakra. Obsidian is considered extremely protective and said to allow no negative energy or negative spirit to enter.  

• H A M S A •

Each necklace features a precious silver Hamsa (humsa) " the all seeing eye". The hamsa is intended to ward off evil, specifically the evil eye, by deflecting any evil or harmful force downward into the earth, as a lightning rod diverts electricty. In India The five fingers represents 5 elements of nature and 5 energy centres of the body. A beautiful symbol to wear as an amulet. 

includes 18 inch silver chain.
Pendant is silver plated