Ruby in Zoisite

Chakra: Root, Heart, Third Eye
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Element: Storm
Zoisite brings the energy of a summer morning to ones heart. it offers us the energy of happiness, abundance, vitality and growth.  it stimulates the heart and helps us open to the eternal love of the Divine. It carries the healing energy of Zoisite with the intense passion and life force energies of ruby. 
This beautiful stone brings deep healing on a physical level, accompanied by a profound sense of support from Divine Source. Associated with the Earth element, Zoisite helps you get out and enjoy nature, bringing with it a sense of joy and wonder. At work, this lovely stone can keep you on track, especially when being interrupted.
 Zoisite is found is many countries but most commonly found in India.
with the beautiful combination on ruby the root, heart and third eye chakras and stimulated and harmonised. This stone can bring an increased intuitive ability, where you just "know things". It forms a protective barrier and strengthens the etheric body while cleansing the astral body of negative energies.
it is an amazing stone for anyone who has recently acknowledged their spirituality., it strengthens the connection between brain and heart allowing the mind to "hear" the hearts desires and to understand them.